May 4, 2020

Tree Pruning for Animal Prevention

tree pruning for animal prevention

tree pruning for animal preventionPruning is a standard method of maintaining the good health of a landscape tree. It is a procedure that is scientifically proven to help a tree grow healthier and last longer. It is also a great way to keep wild animals away. When you have such an overgrown tree in your property, it can be turned into shelter by raccoons, squirrels, bats, and many other critters. 

A tree owner may also choose to prune the tree for aesthetic purposes. However, ethically no branch is removed without any reason. And if you’re still having a difficult time with animals and critters taking up space in your trees, and you cannot figure out how to stop, there is another option. Many homeowners like to install video surveillance to keep track of what is going on, and you can look for video companies that perform this type of video surveillance to help homeowners control this.

Here is a list of some common reason for pruning:

  1. Dead branches
  2. Hazardous Branches
  3. To improve the shape of the tree
  4. Increase air and light flow inside the crown of the tree or to the landscape.

Whether you’re simply preventing critter infestation or trimming trees for the reasons above, different technique or style of pruning is applied. There are broadly four types of tree pruning techniques:

  • Cleaning: The method is used for removing dead branches from the tree. A branch that may be diseased, dying, and weakly attached to the tree needs to be removed.
  • Thinning: The technique is used to structure the tree. It is also used to increase airflow and light penetration. Thinning opens the foliage of the tree, helps trees retain natural shape, and reduces weight on heavy limbs.
  • Raising: The technique is used for cutting down the lower branches to provide more visibility on the road and street.
  • Reduction: The technique is used for reducing the height or the reach of the tree. This is done primarily near utility lines or electrical wires. The reduction is the most common method to prevent any damages from an outgrown tree.

Trees need pruning for robust growth. Some trees might outgrow posing a risk to the property, and hence they may also need to be pruned. Getting in touch with licensed tree pruning services providers, you may learn more as to how and when to prune the tree. Also, they can let you know if there are certain rules and regulations about pruning in your locality.

Trees aren’t only the places where critters can hide and take shelter while in your property. They can also hide in your attic and other parts of your home. If you find one or a few in your attic, you can call a contractor for assistance in animal in attic removal.

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