March 11, 2020

This Is How To Prevent Animals From Entering Your Engine

Sometimes, there are animals that enter the engine room of a car. When the engine is turned on, some people might hear the scream of an animal from the interior of their car engine. Of course, it makes the car owner shocked, especially if the animal is dead in the engine room. Like it’s being hit by, a fan or a v-belt squeezes it. Usually, the stray cat or mouse sleeps in the engine room of the car because it is looking for warmth. However, what often makes people upset is a mouse that chews a cable or other component until it needs to be replaced. That’s why you must remove them from your car engine. However, if you can’t do it yourself, we suggest you call a licensed Animal Removal service immediately.

Now, so that the engine room of the car is no longer entered by animals, there are several ways you can do to prevent it, such as:


Honk the horn or trigger the alarm

To expel a cat or mouse that is in the engine room, it is better to honk the car or trigger its alarm first. If you want, you can also open the hood immediately. Just be careful if the animal jumps out of the engine room towards you.


Clean spacious places

Generally, cats or rats that enter your vehicle are in the area of the engine room. This area is spacious. Like in front of/behind the radiator or near the radiator reservoir tube. You must clean this area by using detergent or other safe liquid for the engine so you can remove the animal stench. Both cats and mice, sometimes they like to mark the place they visited by urinating. If this scent can be smelled by the animal, chances are it will come back to that area.

It could also be sprayed with perfume or you can put camphor on certain parts that are prone to hide the animal. Including at the entrance of the animal, which is around the car tire area.

Generally, cats and mice do not like strong, sweet odors. So most likely, they will not come to this area again.

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