March 11, 2020

These Animals Can Live In Your Ceiling And They Disturb Your Sleep

There are several scents that cats and ferrets hate; they are the scent of lavender, orange, and garlic. So, there’s no harm in spraying the scent into the attic area or the roof. If it’s not too much trouble, prepare a few pieces of garlic around the roof, so the cat isn’t interested in coming to your roof. Additionally, you can also hire a trustworthy Animal Removal expert, so that the animal can be removed from your house easily.

In addition to cats and ferrets, rats are also problematic due to their strong memory. For that, find out how rats climb or enter the roof of the house. Check the water pipes, wooden support, and ceiling of the house. Usually, mice go well through the gutters connecting pipes, so attach the wire to the exposed pipe. Or, choose an animal trap that is safe and large enough, so you can immediately remove it once the animal is trapped in it.

Besides them, Bats may not be too annoying, but the smell of the poop is quite suffocating the sense of smell. For that, attach the wire in your attic inlet. If it’s necessary, you can also add some lights near the roof.

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