March 22, 2021

How is Pest Exclusion Done?

Pest Exclusion

Pest ExclusionWhat is pest exclusion and how is it done? You’ll see in many pest control contractor websites that they do pest exclusion to remove rats, mice, and other critters from homes. How does this work anyway? And does it actually work? 

Yes, pest exclusion does work and it is probably the most effective way of safely removing pests from homes. The typical process for this is usually the following: 

  1. The pest exterminator will identify all areas of concern in a house. He will check for holes, damages on vents, pipes, screens, and more. Signs such as droppings or urine stains will also be checked. 
  2. All areas of concern will be repaired or sealed as needed. This way, the critter is trapped in or out. It will be easier for the exterminator to capture them. 
  3. Now, it’s time for the exterminator to place the traps in those areas of concern. A bait is placed in the trap too to attract the pest. 

Of course, the process depends on the type of pest or critter you’re dealing with. For example, tiny insects such as ants or bed bugs are not removed through this process. These are most effective for larger critters like rats, mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and so on. 

A word of warning though, we highly recommend calling a professional when removing such critters. These animals are wild and may bite or cause injury. Do not use poison too because they may die behind walls and underneath floorboards, which will stink up your house. That’s why it’s always better to call a pest control contractor for pest exclusion and animal in attic removal

Contact your local pest exterminator and ask for a free estimate. More often than not, these companies offer free quotations over the phone.

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