March 31, 2020


Why You Need to Remove Raccoons from Your Property

remove raccoonsRaccoons are some of the common critters you will find wandering into residential and commercial properties. Although they are nocturnal and would come out at night, some would still show themselves in broad daylight while looking for food or a good place to rest. Especially those who are looking for food for their young, mother raccoons would brave going to places where they would most likely find food such as your home. While many of them are harmless and wouldn’t attack people, there are always many reasons why you need to remove raccoons from your property.


These critters are potential rabies virus carriers. They also carry with them other viruses, bacteria, and germs, too. Therefore, having raccoons around isn’t exactly safe for you, your family, especially your children and pets. Raccoons can potentially harm and attack humans and pets especially when they feel threatened.


Furthermore, raccoons can be such pests to deal with. They would mess up garbage cans and they won’t mind doing it every single night if they have to while looking for food. We’ve also seen many residents complaining about raccoons that keep on leaving their urine and feces all around their property such as in gardens and by the swimming pool. Needless to say, raccoons are wild animals and they do not belong in areas where humans are. These animals can live in your ceiling and they disturb your sleep as well. When they find their way into your attic, then you will most likely have to deal with sleepless nights as they scurry around your attic. Their droppings and urine may also destroy your insulation material.


So if you are still wondering why you need to remove raccoons from your property, the reasons above should be more than enough. For the sake of your family’s safety, call for an animal removal company’s help so they can capture and relocate the raccoon immediately.