March 22, 2021

Animal Removal

How is Pest Exclusion Done?

Pest ExclusionWhat is pest exclusion and how is it done? You’ll see in many pest control contractor websites that they do pest exclusion to remove rats, mice, and other critters from homes. How does this work anyway? And does it actually work? 

Yes, pest exclusion does work and it is probably the most effective way of safely removing pests from homes. The typical process for this is usually the following: 

  1. The pest exterminator will identify all areas of concern in a house. He will check for holes, damages on vents, pipes, screens, and more. Signs such as droppings or urine stains will also be checked. 
  2. All areas of concern will be repaired or sealed as needed. This way, the critter is trapped in or out. It will be easier for the exterminator to capture them. 
  3. Now, it’s time for the exterminator to place the traps in those areas of concern. A bait is placed in the trap too to attract the pest. 

Of course, the process depends on the type of pest or critter you’re dealing with. For example, tiny insects such as ants or bed bugs are not removed through this process. These are most effective for larger critters like rats, mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and so on. 

A word of warning though, we highly recommend calling a professional when removing such critters. These animals are wild and may bite or cause injury. Do not use poison too because they may die behind walls and underneath floorboards, which will stink up your house. That’s why it’s always better to call a pest control contractor for pest exclusion and animal in attic removal

Contact your local pest exterminator and ask for a free estimate. More often than not, these companies offer free quotations over the phone.

Why You Should Never DIY Animal Removal

DIY animal removalThere are so many DIY animal removal methods. You can buy traps, poisons, or animal trapping glue over the counter in your local stores. However, these DIY methods are not recommended. Especially when you are dealing with a wild animal that can be potentially dangerous to your safety, you must always call an animal removal contractor.

There are animal removal companies for a reason. This isn’t simply a luxury service you can avail of. They exist because they are an essential for homeowners, business owners, and other property owners. Wild animals are risky and tricky to catch and capture. While some of them would leave voluntarily when they come into your property, many of them would linger and even build shelter in your property.

Many times, we’ve seen large damages brought about by wild animals. When they are in the attic, they can compromise the structure of your home or even damage your insulation which can result in expensive repairs or insulation replacement. They can also harm you, your children and your pets. Here’s some information on animal in attic removal.

Using traps, capturing wild animals might be simple but not exactly easy and safe. For example, a raccoon may seem harmless but they can potentially hurt you if they feel threatened. Especially when a mother raccoon is protecting its young, it wouldn’t think twice about attacking you. The bad thing about this is that raccoons are potential rabies carriers.

When you use poison to get rid of critters in your property, then it is just inhumane. Most animal removal contractors would offer humane services. They will attempt to capture the animal in your property and relocate it in a safe area far from your home or place of business to keep it from coming back. You can even request them to help you out in repairing the damages caused by the wild animal in your property.

Cleaning Up Attic After Animal Infestation

attic animal infestationTrapping, capturing, and removing animals from your attic are only some of the things you have to worry about in the event of an animal infestation. Truth is, your problem doesn’t stop right there. You must also make sure that your attic is cleaned up thoroughly to ensure that any bacteria, germs, and viruses left behind by the critters are removed completely. This is very important since infestation tend to leave behind urine and animal waste that can be even more dangerous than the animal itself.

First you must ensure that all items that had urine or droppings are disposed of. Even if you clean those up, you can never really be sure if they are really clean because they may have already absorbed the germs and bacteria over time. So if there are any boxes, furniture, carpets, and so on, if they do not have a lot of sentimental value anyway, just dispose of them for the sake of your family’s health.

Next would be to thoroughly vacuum the entire area. Use a broom and mop to ensure that everything is cleaned up properly. Check on the insulation material in your attic as well and make sure that it wasn’t damaged by the critters that were in your attic. If the insulation was damaged or if there was any urine or droppings possibly absorbed by it, reach out to your insulation contractor for insulation removal and replacement.

All these may seem like a lot of work and might even cost you money, but this is certainly why you should take critters in your property serious. This is why you need to remove raccoons from your property and other critters that may go up and take shelter in your attic such as squirrels, bats, rats, and more. With proper wild animal prevention, then you won’t have to worry about these things in the future.

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How to Choose an Animal Removal Contractor

animal removal contractorAre you having some animal problems in your property? Perhaps a raccoon keeps on coming back to your garden? Some birds are always on your roof and starting to damage the roof paint? Rats are beginning to infest your home? While other people would go the DIY way, it is certainly a wiser decision when you hire an animal removal contractor.

Hiring a licensed professional has many benefits and it is definitely the wisest thing to do because they are trained and experienced in capturing animals of all kinds. They can humanely trap then relocate the animal that’s causing problems in your property. They can also recommend ways on how to prevent these animals from further damaging your property. Most importantly, an animal removal contractor will be able to get the job done properly and safely. It is very risky to handle wild animals on your own.

When choosing an animal removal company to call, you must consider one that’s available in your local area. A company that is in or close to your city or town must be on top of your list of considered companies since they are the ones that can come quickly to help you out. Many times, when you’re having an animal problem especially when you’re dealing with animals that are dangerous such as snakes or when you need animal in attic removal, then it would be ideal to have someone that can come quickly as opposed to someone that will make you wait for many hours or days.

You must also check the methods used by the contractor. Ideally, you should choose a contractor that’s able to remove animals humanely because as much as you don’t want wild animals in your property, you wouldn’t want to hurt or kill them. Thankfully, many companies now offer humane methods that don’t involve killing or poisoning animals.

Animal in Attic Removal

animal in attic removalSome of the most common wild animal issues residents usually call animal removal contractors for are animal in attic infestations. Attics are rarely used, they’re usually dark and silent, therefore, some animals that failed to find shelter in the wild and the great outdoors would settle for home attics. However, it is very unsafe to have critters living in your attic, therefore, you should call for animal in attic removal right away whenever you suspect animals living up there.


Although you are not using your attic area that much, it is still important to inspect it every once in a while especially when you suspect wildlife living there. Animals in attics can be potentially dangerous because of the viruses and bacteria they carry with them. When they manage to get out of the attic, they can potentially attack or harm your family too. The droppings and urine left by these critters may also become hazardous to your health. They can also destroy or damage your attic structure and the insulation as well. When this is the case, you’re in for a more expensive problem so you better call for animal removal services even early on.


Animals that live on ceiling can disturb your sleep and sometimes you’ll just hear their noises at night. That’s because many of them are nocturnal such as raccoons or rats. Check out this video below about a man trying to trap an animal living in his attic.


We highly recommend calling an animal removal contractor instead of going the DIY way such as the one above. Trapping an animal on your own can be very dangerous since some of them attack. Other animals such as raccoons can be rabies carriers.


When you need animal in attic removal, call a local animal removal contractor for help. They will surely give you the assistance you need the earliest time possible.

You Can Do These Several Ways To Get Rid Of Snakes From Your Home

There are several possibilities that cause snakes to enter the house. It could be due to the location of the house is close to the wild such as swamps, rice fields, rivers, forests, and gardens. Maybe it’s because they are carried by the flow of rainwater that floods your neighborhood. To prevent snakes from entering your house or even driving out snakes that have entered the house, you can expel them in a natural and safe way. There are many natural ingredients that are available at home that are believed to be able to repel snakes. Additionally, you can also call the best Animal Removal service in your city if you can’t get rid of them yourself.

However, you must be careful when you want to drive them away yourself. Here are several ways to ward off snakes from your house:


Use a fragrance that snakes hate

The powerful way to get rid of snakes from a house is to use a fragrance that is not liked by them. Spraying fragrances such as perfume or air freshener to the snake will make it go slowly.


Use cinnamon oil and clove oil

Cinnamon oil and clove oil are natural ways to get rid of snakes that you can try. Spraying a mixture of cinnamon oil and clove oil on a snake can make it go slowly.

You can spray a mixture of these ingredients in every corner of the house and directly into snakes. Avoid spraying from behind them because snakes can move towards you and they might attack you quickly. This is one way to ward off a snake that is quite effective.

Expelling snakes by using this mixture will not release toxic gases in snakes that can interfere with your health.


Use a liquid floor cleaner

Carbolic substances will give a burning sensation to snakes which results in their motion sensor being damaged. Slowly, the snake will leave your house. However, you need to be careful because this method allows the snake to put up a fight. Therefore, you must remain cautious and be always vigilant.


Vinegar is effective for getting rid of snakes

The next natural way to get rid of snakes you can try is vinegar. A bottle of white vinegar can keep snakes away. You can try to pour vinegar around the snake’s body. You must do it with caution.


Use sulfur powder to repel snakes

You can also try using the sulfur powder. Not only humans who can not stand the smell of sulfur, but snakes also do not like this pungent aroma.

You can put the sulfur powder in every corner of the house, near the door, or a gap that allows snakes to enter your property.

This Is How To Prevent Animals From Entering Your Engine

Sometimes, there are animals that enter the engine room of a car. When the engine is turned on, some people might hear the scream of an animal from the interior of their car engine. Of course, it makes the car owner shocked, especially if the animal is dead in the engine room. Like it’s being hit by, a fan or a v-belt squeezes it. Usually, the stray cat or mouse sleeps in the engine room of the car because it is looking for warmth. However, what often makes people upset is a mouse that chews a cable or other component until it needs to be replaced. That’s why you must remove them from your car engine. However, if you can’t do it yourself, we suggest you call a licensed Animal Removal service immediately.

Now, so that the engine room of the car is no longer entered by animals, there are several ways you can do to prevent it, such as:


Honk the horn or trigger the alarm

To expel a cat or mouse that is in the engine room, it is better to honk the car or trigger its alarm first. If you want, you can also open the hood immediately. Just be careful if the animal jumps out of the engine room towards you.


Clean spacious places

Generally, cats or rats that enter your vehicle are in the area of the engine room. This area is spacious. Like in front of/behind the radiator or near the radiator reservoir tube. You must clean this area by using detergent or other safe liquid for the engine so you can remove the animal stench. Both cats and mice, sometimes they like to mark the place they visited by urinating. If this scent can be smelled by the animal, chances are it will come back to that area.

It could also be sprayed with perfume or you can put camphor on certain parts that are prone to hide the animal. Including at the entrance of the animal, which is around the car tire area.

Generally, cats and mice do not like strong, sweet odors. So most likely, they will not come to this area again.

Animals That Live On Ceiling Can Disturb Your Sleep

While sleeping, suddenly you might hear a sound like small footsteps running on the roof of the house. Certainly, it’s surprising and quite scary because it occurs at night. However, do not panic or be afraid, it is only the noise of animal activity on the roof of the house. So if you don’t want to be disturbed because of this, you should drive the intruder from the ceiling of your house. You can also call a professional Animal Removal expert to get rid of the animal safely and quickly.

However, before you get rid of it yourself, of course, you have to know what animal it is. Usually, there are four types of animals that often enter and make rowdy roofs. They are rats, cats, bats, and weasels. Bats might not be that much of a problem other than making noise on the roof. However, it is different from rats, cats, and weasels.

Rats that run on the roof of the house can enter and damage home appliances. While cats and weasels that are larger in size, the bring the risk of making the roof of the house burst. So, before the roof is completely broken, you must clean your ceiling often so they won’t feel comfortable to stay in there. Additionally, you can also call some animal experts to get rid of them safely.

These Animals Can Live In Your Ceiling And They Disturb Your Sleep

There are several scents that cats and ferrets hate; they are the scent of lavender, orange, and garlic. So, there’s no harm in spraying the scent into the attic area or the roof. If it’s not too much trouble, prepare a few pieces of garlic around the roof, so the cat isn’t interested in coming to your roof. Additionally, you can also hire a trustworthy Animal Removal expert, so that the animal can be removed from your house easily.

In addition to cats and ferrets, rats are also problematic due to their strong memory. For that, find out how rats climb or enter the roof of the house. Check the water pipes, wooden support, and ceiling of the house. Usually, mice go well through the gutters connecting pipes, so attach the wire to the exposed pipe. Or, choose an animal trap that is safe and large enough, so you can immediately remove it once the animal is trapped in it.

Besides them, Bats may not be too annoying, but the smell of the poop is quite suffocating the sense of smell. For that, attach the wire in your attic inlet. If it’s necessary, you can also add some lights near the roof.