March 31, 2020


Welcome to the Posey County Gov blog! We are here to write about the many different experiences we’ve had with animal-related concerns in communities. From residential to commercial properties, we’ve heard and seen many wildlife problems and issues that have given property owners tremendous headaches. As property owners ourselves, we’ve had our own share of problems too. So we’re sharing with you some of our experiences and how we went about solving the issues we had to face.

We are also here to talk about the many critters and wild animals we have encountered. We are also gathering important information from reliable sources about these critters. We’ll talk about how they are when you encounter them face to face, the many dangers of having wild animals around, as well as animal prevention methods that we have tried out through the years.

wild animals

We’re discussing the many methods of critter removal as well. For instance, there are some DIY methods that work for some property owners and some wild animals must be dealt with by animal removal professionals instead. Truth be told, while we believe that we should exert a little bit of effort to capture and trap some critters on our own, it is still best to call on professionals because it is very risky to handle these wild animals. Some of them bite or attack and many carry with them viruses, bacteria, and germs that can sometimes be deadly.

But we also believe in humane animal removal methods that decrease the chances of harming or hurting wild animals. After capturing them, as much as possible, we recommend relocating them to a safe place where they can wander free.

If you have any suggested topics or if you want to ask us questions about our posts, feel free to write us a message on our contact page. We’d love to hear from you soon!